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15 November, 2011

Cowboys Crush Buffalo

Romo to Murray
Tony Romo led Dallas to touchdowns on its first four drives, a solid defensive effort was capped by Terence Newman returning an interception for a touchdown and rookie kicker Dan Bailey made three field goals, powering the Cowboys past the Bills 44-7.

So what is next for the Boys, everyone is saying that the Cowboys are entering the "SOFT" part of the schedule. I do not believe there is a"soft" part in anyone's schedule. I believe that a team will out perform a team on game day. This is the NFL, not college, any team can beat anyone on Sunday. You have to be at your best in order to win, week in and week out. Like the Green Bay Packers (9-0). Right now they are playing at a very high level.  Do I believe that they will win out and go 16-0, I have no idea. No doubt they have the talent. Again, you have to be at your best each Sunday, make they plays, and do not have turnovers. So I guess we will find out soon enough. 
I belive I saw Tony Romo play what may be his best game of his career, this past Sunday when they took Buffalo to the woodshed, and spanked them 44-7. I believe the Cowboys also played their best game of the season, they dominated in all phases of the game. I do question the play calling of Jason Garrett when Dallas was deep in Buffalo's end of the field. I do not recall the down, I believe it was 3rd down when Romo turned and threw the ball straight into the middle of the line, it was incomplete, I was baffled at that call.  On all three field goals,  romo did not throw one ball into the end zone, not one. Where is the stick a dagger in them, I want to see the "Kill Shot" the play that just leaves no doubt that the game is over, ala "Green Bay". They way Dez Bryant can go get a ball in the end zone, I go for the kill shot. We won and that is all that matters now.

I am absolutely happy about the play of DeMarco Murray, he is a big Emmitt Smith, no doubt about it. He should be the featured back the rest of the way. Yesterday i read the scroll at the bottom of the screen on the NFL channel. It said "Jerry Jones has said he has not seen enough of Murray to say that he is the starter." Say What!  did I read that right, I backed up the piece again, yep! that is what Jerry said. If you have not seen enough to convince you that Murray is the real deal Jerry, you deserve what you get, misery will keep you company. Murray already has 3 100 yard games in the short time he has been in. Felix has 2 100 games......in his CAREER! Hello Jerry, get with the program.  Go sniff some ammonia ok, clear your head, Murray is your man.  

We have the Deadskins up next, it matters not the record, 0-10 10-0 or whatever the case may be, it is a dogfight with the Skins, they just HATE THE COWBOYS,  just as bad a the COWBOYS hate the SKINS. This again in my mind is a must game. The Cowboys must prove to themselves that they are a playoff team, they have to go in with a attitude and tear up Washington, ala Buffalo Bills. I do not expect near the perfection as last week, but at least play hard and no turn-overs.  I worry just because of the the type of game they played, near perfection that this could be their trap game. It could happen, I hope not. If Garrett is the coach that he wants to become, he will prepare his team against the let down. Last week Dallas was 1-0. Next Sunday is another game, take it one at a time. 

If Garrett does his part, I believe that Dallas will win, and they will be 1-0 for the week. Just take it one a week. Next up will be Miami, in Dallas Stadium, on Thanksgiving day. 

Lets gets take Washington and get the job done, and will be fine.

Until next week my friends...Go Cowboys

07 October, 2011

Skip Bayless and Crew

Skip Bayless and Crew   

I saw today a story which aired I believed on ESPN, where Skip Bayless said, " While I was laying on the couch watching the Cowboy game and saw Romo throw a pick six which was intercepted by Bobby (Barbie) CarpenterI wondered if Romo had subliminal thoughts and threw the ball to Carpenter on purpose."  That has to be the most stupid comment I have ever heard come out of the mouth of any sports reporter. However you have to understand, it was Skip Bayless that said this, so I took the comment as just a Bayless asinine statement. Bayless is not the sharpest knife in the drawer. With that said, I am still stunned that even Bayless came up that thought. 

The scrutiny of Romo continues, and more than likely will not stop until Romo wins a Super Bowl championship. It is unfair, however that is life in the NFL, provided that you are the Quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys or you are the Quarterback of an NFL team and fight dogs for fun; if you are in that category, your life will be miserable. The scrutiny of Tony Romo goes beyond anything I have ever seen. It is beyond bizarre. 

The NFL channel and ESPN make a living on scrutinizing Tony Romo. It is just not report the facts and move on, it is questioning his intelligence and anything else one could imagine. It is what it is, but I do believe that there are 32 other QB's in the league that hadve had meltdowns. However it is the Cowboys. I believe the whole issue boils down to is that the Cowboys are the most popular football team in the nation, and it bothers people that the Cowboys are still "Americas Team".

06 October, 2011

The Sky is Falling In Big "D"

Super Bowl XXX 

The Sky Is Falling in Big "D" 
by Brady Parker

The season began with with high expectations for the Cowboys and for the fans. Jason Garrett would began his 1st year as the Cowboys eighth head coach in Cowboy History. Garrett follows Wade Phillips as Wade was fired mid-season last year. Jason Garrett will attempt to do what only three head coaches have done, and that is to return a 6th Lombardi trophy back to Dallas. Something the fans in big "D"  are growing increasing impatient over. Dallas last Super bowl win was in Sun Devil Stadium,  28  January, 1996, against the Cowboy's old nemesis, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Final Score Dallas 27   Pittsburgh 17.  Its seems like ages, and it has been, 15 long years ago. The fans are clamming to get back.  With that said, let's get started.  Since I am late getting this site open i will not get into the first 3 games, and just get started with the last game, and that game still stings, so very very much. So we here goes.  
Stay or Go!

So far this season, Tony is batting .500,  2 goats and 2 Hero's.  I have been and will continue to support Romo.  Why you ask? Simple, he gives us the best opportunity to win now. Now that may change next year. Which is solely dependent on how the Boy's finish the 2012 campaign. if by miracle, they finish say 14-2, highly highly doubtful or say they end up in the 11-5 10-6 range, Tony will continue to be QB in my opinion. Should they pull a total stinker and finish up at 4-12, or another 6-10, I believe Tony will be elsewhere.  By that I mean, old Jerry as much as he likes Tony, I believe he will attempt to move up via a trade and snatch Andrew Luck from Standford. That is only possible if the Cowboys finish towards the bottom. Thoughts were running high that the Redskins would fall flat and low enough to try and grab Luck. Washington is playing decent ball right now,  playing much better than most had anticipated. 

So far in the NFC east, the "DREAM TEAM EAGLES have laid the biggest egg, at 1-3. The plan to buy the Super Bowl, has not gone as planned in Philly.  However,  the Eagles can rip off 6 to 8 in a row just with the talent they have, so don't count out the Eagles at all.  As it stands now, Washington is sitting at 3-1, followed by the Giants at 3-1 the Cowboys at 2-2 and the Eagles at 1-3.  The Giants for some reason seem to start fast and fizzle late, this year, Eli Manning is playing much better than last year, taking care of the ball, and tossing only 2 int's so far. Last year little Manning lite up the Interceptions and tossed a hefty 25. If Romo does not straighten up, 25 might be a little low. I just can't see Romo tossing more than 13 to 15 int's. provided he remains healthy. This year, the Cowboys have not been anywhere near healthy, if they can ever get healthy, who knows, what kind of noise they can make. 
The Best

I am not making excuses for Tony.  Had I had any say so, I would have yanked Romo, let Kitna take the helm through the bye week. It gives Romo a chance to heal. You know the guy had to be in horrible pain. Getting knocked around like he has just has not allowed him to heal at all. Hopefully after the bye week, we will get back Miles Austin, and Dez Bryant, who has been playing hurt the whole season. 

Getting back on to the Lion game; as you know Romo has taken all of the heat for the collapse. Yes he is the QB, and ultimately is the one who pulls the trigger. What is Garrett's culpability in this fiasco?  Tons of it if you ask me; Garrett not only is the Head Coach, he is the O.C. as well. 

With the lead the Cowboys had going into the 3rd and 4th quarter Garrett should have been playing situational football and should have ran the ball. The running game was working better than normal.  If memory serves right on the first pick six, we were 3rd and 2 at our own end of the field,  why not just run the ball, if we get the 1st, great, if not you let McBriar punt, the Lions will then have to work their way back up the entire field in order to score. The Lions would have burned lots of time.  I do not understand. Could it be that since Garrett was a QB himself, he is thinking pass first, run second. I have no idea. All I know, is Romo is under fire again. For good reason, I just do not believe that he was totally at fault, some blame should go to Garrett as well. That is my opinion.